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133 international visitors in CALS in 2023

The Office for Global Engagement in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences provides leadership and service in globalizing teaching, research, and extension programs that serve the people of the state, the nation and the world. The College is known globally for its excellent visitor training programs and is called upon frequently to provide short- and long-term training programs for visitors from around the world. Since 2010, the Office for Global Engagement has facilitated programs at Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences for over 750 visitors from over 90 countries.

Visitor Types:

  • Short-Term Group Visits:
    • The Office for Global Engagement welcomes visiting groups to tour Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and experience attractions on campus and around the state of Iowa. Group visits typically occur for less than two weeks and visitors are responsible for acquiring their own visas, airfare and health insurance. The Office for Global Engagement can provide assistance with itinerary planning, housing arrangements, transportation and other logistics specific to the visit. Interested in arranging a group visit to Iowa State University? Complete the "Visitor Intake Form" and email to Shelley Taylor at The completion of the visitor intake form does not guarantee a visit approval.

  • Internships/Research for Visiting International Students:
    • An internship is a temporary, hands-on learning opportunity that provides meaningful, career-related experience extending a student's education beyond the classroom. At Iowa State, internships can be paid or unpaid, for credit or not for credit, and for career-related experience at Iowa State or at an external (non-Iowa State) employer. The department/unit offering the internship program is responsible for ensuring that the internship is meaningful and will serve to enhance the student's educational experience and career development.

  • Visiting Scholar Request:
    • The designation of “Visiting Scholar,” which includes “Visiting Student Researcher,” is a privilege accorded to individuals visiting from, and affiliated with, an outside (U.S. or foreign) university, institution, or business while temporarily in residence at Iowa State University. The purpose of the visit is to conduct collaborative research in a university facility; collaborate with university faculty on specific projects; and observe research, extension/outreach, instruction, or administration. Visiting scholars are not university employees and must be hosted by a faculty employed by the university.