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Host a Borlaug Fellow

Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship Program

Over the past 15 years, ISU-CALS has played a significant role in the success of the Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship Program managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agriculture Service. The program promotes food security and economic growth by increasing scientific knowledge and collaborative research to improve agricultural productivity.

Each fellow works one-on-one with an ISU-CALS professor/mentor, usually for 8-12 weeks. The professor/mentor later visits the fellow’s home institution, typically for 5-10 days, to continue collaboration.

During the program, the Fellows learn new research techniques, gain exposure to the latest scientific developments in various fields of agriculture, access fully-equipped laboratories and libraries, and learn about unique public-private partnerships that help fund agricultural research and science. Equally important, this program provides international scientists and policymakers with opportunities to establish long-term contacts with U.S. scientists and to apply newly gained knowledge from U.S. institutions to their country's research and development programs.

The Global Programs-CALS office is USDA’s contact for Borlaug Fellowships. CALS faculty and staff interested in submitting a proposal should contact Tammi Martin, Program Coordinator in Global Programs-CALS ( or 4- 9237). Global Programs-CALS also provides assistance with proposal preparation, visas, travel, orientation, financial and report management for Borlaug Fellows placed at ISU-CALS.

Previous Borlaug Fellows & Mentors

Year Home Country Name(s) ISU Mentor ISU Department Feature Story
2018 Kenya Paul Kuria Allen Miller Plant Pathology  
2017 Rwanda Madjaliwa Nzamwita Dirk Maier ABE  
2017 Kenya Esther Kimani Gary Munkvold Plant Pathology  
2016 Burkina Faso Abdalla Dao Thomas Lubberstedet Agronomy  
2016 Malawi Jacinta Nyaika Buddhi Lamsal FSHN  
2015 Panama Jaime Espinosa Russ Mullen Agronomy  
2014 Algeria Mohammed Benaissa Curt Youngs Animal Science  
2014 Uganda Esther Nampeera Gail Nonnecke Horticulture  
2013 Philippines Dindo Tabanao Jianming Yu Agronomy  
2013 Ethiopia Adey Melesse Angela Shaw FSHN  
2012 Malawi Grace Kaudzu M. Bhattacharyya Agronomy  
2012 Kenya Sylvester Anami Philip Becraft GDCB  
2012 Ethiopia Tamrat Geleto Curtis Youngs Animal Science  
2012 Kosovo Fidan Krasniqi Lance Baumgard Animal Science  
2011 Kosovo Behlul Behluli Curtis Youngs Animal Science  
2011 Zambia Richard Chanda Thomas Lubberstedt Agronomy  
2011 India Gouri Sankar Laha Adam Bogdanove Plant Pathology  
2010 Cameroon Robert Njei Carl Bern ABE  
2009 Bulgaria Kaloyan Kostov Kan Wang Agronomy  
2009 Bulgaria Georgi Chobanov Eldon Uhlenhopp Veterinary Medicine  
2009 Vietnam Thuy Nguyen Susanna Goggi Seed Science  
2008 India Bhawana Mishra Lester Wilson FSHN  
2008 Morocco Rabha Abdelwahd Kan Wang Agronomy  
2008 Macedonia Vyekoslav Tanaskovik Ramesh Kanwar ABE  
2008 Iraq Raad Salih Ramesh Kanwar ABE  
2008 Iraq Ibrahim Razzaq Ramesh Kanwar ABE  
2008 India Amaresh Nayak Ramesh Kanwar ABE  
2008 India Nila Rekha Peter Rames Kanwar ABE  
2008 India D.V. Singh Ramesh Kanwar ABE  
2007 Poland Julia Gorecka Richard Hellmich Entomology  
2007 Peru Amalia Gallegos Curtis Youngs Animal Science  
2006 Romania Botus Ramesh Kanwar ABE  
2006 Bulgaria, Serbia Zvezdelina Kirkova, Marija Milasinovic, Srdjan Seremesic, Milena Simic, Nedeljko Latinovic Jon Tollefson Entomology  
2006 Romania Daniela Borda, Cristina Danciu, Constantina Banica Ramesh Kanwar ABE  
2005 Bulgaria Ivelin Rizov Jon Tollefson Entomology  
2004 Serbia Jelena Petkovic, Jasmina Radovic, Nevena Mitic, Jasmina Milenkovic Jon Tollefson Entomology  
2004 Bulgaria Ivenlin Rizov Jon Tollefson Entomology