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Visha Arumugam

Visha Arumugam

  • Program Assistant
Visha Arumugam, Study Abroad Advisor in the Office for Global Engagement. Visha holds a master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from State University of New York, Buffalo. Prior to joining the Office for Global Engagement in 2016, Visha worked as a research coordinator for Iowa State’s Nutrition and Wellness Research Center. Since joining the Office for Global Engagement in 2016, Visha has taken on various responsibilities to support the office.

Visha provides administrative support to faculty for implementing study abroad programs, handles logistical processes essential for travel courses, liaisons with students enrolled in travel courses, manages study abroad program applications and student’s study abroad enrollment within ISU ABROAD (study abroad database), reviews and administers study abroad scholarship managed by the Office for Global Engagement, delivers study abroad analytical reports and liaisons with other study abroad offices within Iowa State University. Visha has had the opportunity to participate and observe faculty-led travel courses which includes courses to Greece, Italy, China, Australia and Spain. In addition to providing support for study abroad programs in CALS, Visha liaisons with exchange partners and provides support for hosting international students visiting Iowa State for study abroad, research and/or internship. For two years, Visha served in CALS P&S council as a council member in the social and networking committee.

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