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November-December 2022

Marta GrantMeet our new CALS Study Abroad Advisor!

Marta Grant joined the CALS Study Abroad office in October as a Study Abroad Advisor. Marta is a familiar face to the office as she is a recent graduate from Iowa State University where she received her BS in Agricultural Business, Spanish, and International Agriculture and studied abroad for a semester at the Universidad de Extremadura in Cáceres, Spain, through an Iowa State exchange program. Her current role is to recruit and advise students on opportunities to study abroad as well as work with our student travel consultants to promote global programs.

Outside of work, Marta enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, and cheering on the Cyclones!

Please stop by to meet Marta in Room 0018 Curtiss Hall!

CALS Study Abroad Application Deadlines: November 1

The application window for our spring and summer travel courses closes tomorrow! Students interested in applying for any of the following travel courses need to complete an application before November 1, 2022, at 11:59 PM CST.

Spring/Spring Break Travel Courses:

Any students interested in any of the spring break for spring (May travel) travel courses are also encouraged to complete the CALS Study Abroad scholarship application which also closes on November 1, 2022, at 11:59 PM CST. Students can find CALS scholarship information and a link to the application in the scholarship section of the study abroad program brochure in ISU ABROAD. 100% of undergraduate CALS students who have submitted a CALS study abroad scholarship application will receive some scholarship.

Summer Travel Courses:

The CALS Study Abroad scholarship application for the summer travel courses closes on March 1, 2023.

Fulbright Panel Discussion Opportunity

Fulbright logoThe Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program will be hosting an interactive online session to learn more about things faculty can do now to prepare for a successful Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program application for 2024-2025.  Program staff will discuss award opportunities, the application & selection process, and answer your questions.

Ask Us Anything: Fulbright Scholar Program 2024-25

More information on the Fulbright Program at Iowa State University can be found at…

CALS Foreign Travel Grants Deadline - January 12, 2023

Financial support for university-related travel to foreign countries, in some instances, may be obtained through the Foreign Travel Grant Program. Because funds in this program are limited, grants are awarded on a competitive basis and for no more than 75 percent of the least expensive round trip airfare between Des Moines and the individual's destination or 75 percent of the lowest appropriate airfare between two destinations, whichever is less at the time the quote is obtained. Applications are reviewed and grants are awarded three times a year by the Faculty Senate Committee on Recognition and Development. January 12, 2023, is the deadline for the next round of Foreign Travel Grants to be submitted to the CALS Dean’s Office. More information on Foreign Travel Grants can be found at

Kurt Rosentrater teaches analysis of food systems course in Lyon, France

Kurt Rosentrater ISARA faculty
Photo credit: Agrapole, ISARA, Lyon

Kurt Rosentrater, an associate professor in agricultural and biosystems engineering and food science and human nutrition at Iowa State University, USA, arrived yesterday at ISARA for ten days and will teach 40 hours as part of the MSc Sustainable Food Systems / DA SDFI. The course will focus on the coupling of life cycle analysis and techno-economic analysis of food systems. Rosentrater is a visiting professor at ISARA,  where he teaches and also co-supervises several MSc Sustainable Food Systems master thesis. This academic cooperation has existed for three years now.

The collaboration between Iowa State University and ISARA started when Sami Ghnimi, associate professor at ISARA, got to know Kurt thanks to the Call for Teaching, a document transmitted by France Agro3 to seek external speakers on specific themes. Anais OSTERGAARD ​​will be on a mission in the USA in October, and she plans to visit other ISU to continue discussions concerning exchanges/interactions between French and American students.

International Students in CALS, Fall 2022

Iowa State University provides programs and services to help international students and scholars achieve their goals and objectives. During the Fall 2022 semester, there were 48 undergraduate and 148 graduate students from 52 different countries enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. More specific information on international students in CALS can be found, at

Jose Ribeiro student internUniversity of Sao Paulo Student Intern Leads Flag Leaf Angle Project

José Gabriel Gonçalves Ribeiro, an undergraduate student at the University of Sao Paulo (USP) in Brazil, is completing a 7-month internship at Iowa State University under the guidance of Dr. Sotirios Archontoulis, Associate Professor in agronomy.

During his internship, José works with other students and postdocs in Dr. Archontoulis’s lab on a variety of projects related to crop physiology and agronomy of maize and soybean crops. José assists in researching the soil conditions in which the crops grow by probing and evaluating soil samples and measuring the crops’ root growth over time. He also assists with other plant measurements, such as nitrogen trails on corn, ear manipulation, leaf angle, and biomass production on trails with 40 hybrid materials from 1985 to 2020. José noticed that Iowa’s black soil type is rich in nutrients and organic matter, contrasting to the Brazilian soils. “Assisting in the day-to-day research has allowed me to learn new skills while utilizing advanced technology used in Dr. Archontoulis’s lab. The most interesting part of the research thus far has been finding root materials from previous years as the organic matter hasn’t yet broken down the complete root systems.”

Jose Ribeiro lab groupDuring his time at Iowa State, José was also able to gain valuable research and communication skills when Dr. Archontoulis and Emily Wright, lab manager, presented him with the opportunity to lead a flag leaf angle project, in which he was responsible for doing all of the measurements and data analysis and presented his findings to the lab group. He will also start observing an agronomy class, which will help broaden his horizons and knowledge of agriculture. “The opportunities presented to me during my internship have opened my eyes to new research areas and expanded my knowledge of agriculture. Because of these opportunities, I have started thinking about furthering my education or continuing my research work after graduation.”

José was selected for the internship through a connection between Caio dos Santos, a Ph.D. student in Dr. Archontoulis’s lab, and the Agriculture Experimentation Group (GEA) program at the University of Sao Paulo. Caio dos Santos is a University of Sao Paulo alum and a previous member of the Agriculture Experimentation Group (GEA). This is the second year that University of Sao Paulo undergraduate students have had the opportunity to visit Iowa State through an internship program. For him, the opportunity of being here, making contacts, learning about the grad students’ projects, knowing ISU facilities and academia, and getting in touch with Iowa fields and corn production are one of the best skills this internship is providing. José will return to the University of Sao Paulo in December, where he will complete his undergraduate degree in agronomy.

CALS Study Abroad Donor Impacts

Jay and Julie Cornelius Jacobi Scholar

Reagan Demmon

William K. Deal Scholar

De Angel Anais

Dwight and Marilyn Conover Study Abroad Scholarship

Kassidy Croghan

The most rewarding part of my study abroad experience was definitely getting to experience an ecosystem that I have dreamed of seeing in person for my whole life. Getting to spend time immersed in the rainforest really allowed me to learn the most about tropical ecology than I have ever learned before. Learning about the wildlife and biodiversity of this climate has helped me see a new path of ecology and research that I would love to pursue as a career!

This scholarship means an incredible amount to me, for it allowed me to not only have the ability to participate in this program, but also showed me how pursuing international study and research opportunities is more financially possible than I thought. This scholarship helped me pay for an experience that I will never forget, and will remember as my first step into a career that I love.

 - Reagan Demmon - 

Jungle to Reef: Tropical ecology, marine biology, and cultural diversity in Belize, Summer 2022

The most rewarding experience was being able to learn and work with rescued elephants and small animals. While earning credit for studying abroad, I also had the opportunity to enjoy fun activities and tourism while creating interpersonal and professional relationships with the group. Getting hands-on experience conducting behavioral studies of elephants was another enriching experience that I will forever cherish.

The William K. Deal Scholarship allowed me to move further to achieve my dream of becoming a veterinarian, a career I have been sure of pursuing for years. It allowed me to be part of a remarkable study abroad trip that improved my skills by widening my experiences, and enriching my knowledge

- De Angel Anais -

Thailand College Veterinary Service by Loop Abroad, Summer 2022


The most rewarding part of my study abroad experience was being able to help the community members while we were there. We did a free spay and neuter clinic and helped up to 68+ furfamilys. We also got to help at a wildlife rescue with feedings, check ups, and releasing wildlife.

This scholarship means the world and more to me. Since I was grateful enough to get this scholarship, I was able to experience what veterinary medicine, and much more was like outside of the USA. I was grateful for the opportunities this scholarship allowed for me to have by being able to go on this trip.

- Kassidy Croghan -

Vet Med Ecuador and Galapagos Island Study Abroad, Summer 2022


Thank you to all of our generous donors that provide support to our students participating in international opportunities! College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Sponsored Scholarships

Asia Networking Event Follow-Up

Dr. David Acker, Associate Dean, Global Engagement, and Shelley Taylor, Director of CALS Global Programs, hosted a networking event on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, geared toward connecting faculty, staff, and graduate students interested in or actively engaged with work in Asian countries. The event featured presentations from CALS faculty and a visiting scholar currently conducting research and work in Asian countries. Following the presentations, attendees had time for discussion, mingling, and exchanging of contacts. Presentation materials are now available.

 Gideon Nadiope,  Yvette Nikuze and Moureen Mbeiza
Gideon Nadiope (National Director of ISU-Uganda Programs), Yvette Nikuze (Livestock Extension Specialist), and Moureen Mbeiza (Agronomy & Land Use Officer) for CSRL.

The Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (CSRL) Represented at the World Food Prize

Breakout Session, Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in Practice in Uganda

Iowa State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences launched the Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in 2003 with private support, putting a rural livelihoods framework into practice with partners in rural Uganda. During nearly 20 years of field operations lessons were learned about the practical aspects of building a life-long capacity development model that works simultaneously on SDG’s 1 – 6.  Iowa State University shared their model for sustainably building capacity of local communities. Dr. Daniel Robison, Endowed Dean’s Chair in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences moderated the panel of individuals from Iowa and Uganda who are directly involved in the program. Short summaries were presented on the program areas of nutrition education, climate-smart crop production, livestock production and health, youth entrepreneurship, community income generation, postharvest management of grains, water, sanitation and health, and educational quality improvement in rural areas.

Side Event, Youth Development: Preparing the Next Norman Borlaug

A panel of Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty, staff, and students shared three different, time-tested, models of youth development focused on preparing the next generation of hunger fighters, global problem solvers, and international development specialists.

  1. The World Food Prize Iowa Youth Institute at Iowa State University – 11 years of high school student development experience.
  2. Iowa State University’s Engineers Without Borders – long-term partnership in Ghana involving university students directly in international development, including water system development, health center development, and other projects.
  3. Iowa State University’s School Gardens/Service Learning program – 15 years engaging U.S. and Ugandan university students in assisting primary schools in rural Uganda.

The panel discussion was followed by a networking reception hosted by Dean Robison.

Current International Visitors in CALS

International Visiting Scholars in CALS
Visitor Name Departure Date Home Country Faculty Host Host Department
Moureen Mbeiza 11/13/22 Uganda Shelley Taylor GAP
Behlul Behluli 11/18/22 Kosovo* (Fulbright) Curtis Youngs


Jieun Lee 11/30/22 South Korea Dong Ahn AN SCI
Marina Chagas Costa 11/30/22 Brazil Thomas Lubberstedt AGRON
Abil Dermail 12/15/22 Thailand Thomas Lubberstedt


Mercedes Barat Carnino 12/15/22 Argentina Sotirios Archontoulis


Ana Flavia Martins Monterio 12/31/22 Brazil Sotirios Archontoulis AGRON
Akmaral Shokanova 12/31/22 Kazakhstan Mark Gleason PPLP
Kebatenne Hulela 12/31/22 Botswana David Kwaw-Mensah AGRON
Miguel Lavilla 12/31/22 Argentina Gary Munkvold PPLP
Palloma Indiara Caproni Morais 12/31/22 Brazil Thomas Lubberstedt AGRON
Yedilbayev Bauyrzhan 12/31/22 Kazakhstan Jacek Koziel ABE
Amit Sharma 02/14/23 India

Ranga Appuhamy Jayasooriya

Aunchana Chaimala 03/31/23 Thailand Mark Gleason


Rajkumar Zunjare 04/30/23 India Thomas Lubberstedt AGRON
Nur Ilkay Abaci 07/31/23 Thailand Mark Gleason PPLP
Recep Yavuz 09/26/23 Turkey Thomas Lubberstedt AGRON
Hang Shi 10/14/23 China Shuyang Qu AGEDS
Alice Santana 10/31/23 Brazil  Thomas Lubberstedt AGRON
Alison Uberti 10/31/23 Brazil Thomas Lubberstedt AGRON
Zibo Gao 11/15/23 China Chenxu Yu ABE
Gang Li 11/23/23 China Robert Horton AGRON
Crislene Vieira Santos 11/30/23 Brazil Asheesh Singh AGRON
Songbai Yang 11/30/23 Brazil Christopher Tuggle AN SCI
Baohong Lu 12/15/23 China Thomas Lubberstedt AGRON
International Student Interns in CALS
Visitor Name Departure Date Home Institution Faculty Host Host Department
Eavangelos Kalogiros 11/15/2022 University of the Aegean, Greece Sotirios Archontoulis


Jose Riberio 12/20/2022 University of Sao Paulo, Brazil Sotirios Archontoulis


Agustin Listello 12/20/2022 Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina Sotirios Archontoulis


Ruan Pereira 11/30/2022 FCAV/UNESP Jaboticabal University, Brazil Mark Licht AGRON
Vinicius Trevisan 11/30/2022 FCAV/UNESP Jaboticabal University, Brazil Mark Licht AGRON