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January-February 2022

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The Global Programs office in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences supports departments in their global engagement initiatives across the globe. Our office provides support and assistance to faculty and staff interested in building relationships and collaborative efforts worldwide. We also provide global opportunities for students through CALS Study Abroad programs.

U.S. Passport Book Fees Increase

Effective December 27, 2021, the fees for a U.S. passport book increased $20, per an announcement from the Department of State. The change applies to first-time passport book applications and renewals; it does not impact the price of passport cards. A detailed breakdown of the new charges is available on the State Department's website.

Fall 2021 Scholarship DonorsFall 2021 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Study Abroad Scholarship Awards

The CALS Study Abroad office awarded 23 CALS students a total of $23,750 in scholarships towards Fall 2021 study abroad programs. Scholarships wouldn't be possible without the support of our generous donors. 

Carly Strauser

Study Abroad Scholarship Endowment Scholar

Soils, Crops and Water of Costa Rica, Fall 2021

"Traveling abroad to Costa Rica was a great experience. Trying pineapple fresh from the field, picking coffee under banana trees, and observing avocado trees after climbing to the highlands were all highlights of the trip. The most rewarding part was applying knowledge learned in classes to hands-on experience outside of the classroom. While making friends along the way!"

Carly Strauser, senior in agronomy

Nathan Behrends

Willi And Dali Meyers Fund for CALS International Engagement Scholar

Soils, Crops and Water of Costa Rica, Fall 2021

"My experience studying abroad in Costa Rica was full of growth and rewards. The biggest takeaway I had from my trip was the aspect of sustainability. Costa Rica was exceptional in producing enough food and fuel using the resources they had available within the country. It was eye-opening to see the different renewable practices firsthand and challenged me to look at how we produce our commodities in Iowa."

Nathan Behrends, junior in agricultural studies


Paige Dvorak

Jay and Julie Cornelius Jacobi Scholarship for Agricultural Study Abroad Scholar

Culture and Economic Diversification of the United Arab Emirates, Fall 2021

"The most rewarding part of the study abroad experience was speaking to people who live on the other side of the world and hearing their life stories. I saw and tried so many things, but I will never forget the people I met along the way. "

-Paige Dvorak, sophomore in agricultural business

2021 CSRL Annual Report2021 Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods Annual Report

The Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods has released the 2021 annual donor impact report "Spirit of Innovation." In the opening message Director, Dr. David Acker reflects on the tremendous spirit of innovation. Also included are updates on current ISU graduate students from Uganda, stories on the work of each program area, and measurable impacts made possible through generous donor support.

Fall break study abroad trips open students’ eyes to different cultures

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Feature Story written by Amber Friedrichsen

Costa Rica and UAE Fall 2021 Group Pictures

With passports in hand and suitcases in tow, two groups of students from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences boarded planes to study abroad during Iowa State University's fall break. These faculty-led programs to Costa Rica and the United Arab Emirates allowed students to witness international agriculture and develop a global perspective of the industry. Read more.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences International Visitor Data, 2021

CALS international visits 2021

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is known globally for its excellent visitor training programs and is called upon frequently to provide short- and long-term training programs for visitors from around the world. Since May 2021, the college has welcomed 19 visiting scholars and 3 student interns from 11 different countries. The Global Programs office provides support and expertise to faculty and staff in the college that are interested in hosting international visitors. Learn more.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Faculty and Staff International Travel, 2021

Since ISU-sponsored international trips resumed on March 25, 2021, a total of 19 faculty and staff traveled to 19 different countries. Data based on faculty and staff registration through the Office of Risk Management International Travel Registration. 

CALS faculty and staff international travel 2021

Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods FundISU Recap

The Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods and their Iowa State University–Uganda Program team in Kamuli are truly grateful to the individuals that supported their Early Childhood Development FundISU campaign. The generous donations helped CSRL exceed its $30,000 goal by raising a total of $36,520!

These donations will help ensure that pre-school-age children in the Kamuli district will have a more substantial opportunity for a brighter future. Contributions will be directed toward improved nutrition, age-appropriate learning materials, more teachers' aides/assistants, and appropriate school infrastructure, including classrooms, restrooms, kitchens, and playgrounds that support safety, sanitation, and engaged learning.

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