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Global Funding for Graduate Students and Postdocs

The purpose of this program is to provide support for international agricultural research and education opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Awardees may utilize these funds to partially fund the cost of participating in research abroad (including laboratory attachments, collection of research materials, etc.), teaching or enrolling in short courses, workshops or regular courses at institutions abroad, or other activities abroad that are directly related to professional development in the awardee’s field. Participation in an international conference is an acceptable activity but should be combined with other professional development activities while abroad to take maximum advantage of the international travel. Applications for travel to a country in which the applicant has already spent substantial periods of time will receive a lower ranking.

Eligible Applicants
Graduate students who are enrolled full-time in graduate programs and postdoctoral fellows with appointments in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are eligible to apply.

Grants will not exceed $1,000 and may only be used to defray international travel costs. A minimum of 10 days engaged in professional activities abroad is required. Grants may not be used to pay salaries or purchase equipment.

Application Procedures
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applicants should submit a 1 – 2 page proposal to Shelley Taylor, Director, Global Programs, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 0018 Curtiss Hall, . The proposal should include the following information:

  1. Name and contact information of the applicant
  2. Name and contact information of ISU and international collaborator(s) applicant will work with
  3. Description and location of the research the applicant will pursue
  4. Clear indication of how the grant will advance the applicant's professional goals
  5. Budget request (with estimates of all expenses)
  6. Level and nature of cost sharing or in-kind contributions by any parties
  7. Signature of major/supervising professor indicating their endorsement

A final report will be required within 1 month of the completion of travel to be submitted to the Global Programs office with a copy sent to the major/supervising professor. The report should not exceed 2 – 3 pages, and should include a description of activities of travel, with an indication of the budget spent. Any funds from the scholarship not spent, should be returned to the grant.

All questions about this scholarship should be directed to Shelley Taylor, or 515-294-5393.